We all struggle with the sweet spot at times, but this driver is one that allows you to maximize speed, even with a smoother swing. This driver is the real deal – the aerodynamics on the bottom of the head are designed in a way to create more speed in your swing by reducing the drag in key areas of the swing.

But the Cobra fifa-13.down4you.software King F9 places the weight low, so you won’t need to give up distance. The recently released Titleist TS TS2 and T3 drivers have laid the standard down for the next generation.

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Sometimes, there is so much focus on the head of a driver and loft that we lose sight of the shaft. But this part of the clubs plays an instrumental role in how your driver performs and the shots you hit. The more forgiveness your club has, the easier it is to play this incredibly difficult, yet rewarding game. The most forgiving driver is the one that will make your life a lot easier. A forgiving driver reduces side spin, a massive sweet spot, and ideal for high handicappers to easily hit the golf ball.

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It covers the ball unlike even the M5 and M6 drivers of the prior generation. These are our picks for the top performers of the 2019 class with the Titleist TS3 taking home the top spot. If you want the ability to adjust and personalize your driver’s performance, options like the TaylorMade M5 and PING G410 Plus may be your best bets, along with the TS3. When drivers strive to make the most aerodynamic shape, they often do so by creating an unwieldy balance through the club.

Forgiving drivers will optimize the distance you drive the ball even on mishits. The technology built into drivers are top-notch and allows most players to have an opportunity to go for the green with shorter irons. Some drivers even allow slower swing speeds to achieve previously unthinkable distances.

As it has the lowest loft and the longest shaft of any clubs in the bag, things can go bad quickly. To help beginners have a better buying experience, we found the best drivers for high handicappers and beginners in 2020. What I do understand, however, is that all of this fancy technology allows me to hit the ball much farther with the slower swing speed of a high handicapper and straighter when I don’t hit the ball perfectly. The TS3 is for players looking for increased distance, but need some forgiveness for when they can’t to hit the ball in the center every time.