The longer a period you opt to pay for in advance, the lower the price will usually be. By connecting to the server location closest to your gaming server, it’s likely that you will see improved ping timings. Some have looked at VPNs critically, since they wonder how it is that adding an additional layer between them and the game server can possibly lower their latency. Remember, you can choose which server on your VPN you’d like to connect to. This helps prevent your actual IP from being exposed while the VPN service is not available.

To know if the service provider you’re opting for accepts Bitcoin, check for the Bitcoin sign on the accepted payment methods page on the VPN’s site. Weigh the benefits of being tied into a service for two or three years versus the saving you’ll gain compared to paying monthly.

Of course, if you opt for the Bitcoin payment method, there is no automatic renewal and you’ll have to go through the payment process each time you renew your service. Thankfully of late some service providers have started accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as payment.

VPN is an acronym that stands for ‘’Virtual Private Network’’. A VPN is a private, secure Internet connection that virtually links two points together. If this is your first time hearing the term ‘VPN’ and you regularly browse the web while travelling, then you’ll want to pay attention. VPNs are an essential item in the toolkit of any traveller that spends time online. We send out the best insights & tips to build a more gaming vpn successful independent career online.

Exactly at which point the sweet spot is would depend on everyone’s individual preference. Excluding the free VPN service providers, you can probably expect to pay anywhere between $2-$10 a month, depending on various factors. Plan features and payment periods often factor into the price.