Then I connect to the router with a laptop which is booted from a TAILS usb, which has TOR pre-installed as part of TAILS. Let’s assume that my PC and router were updated to super secure Linux OS and that the system is leakproof. My router is still using OpenVPN to connect directly to my VPN. The “no logs” claim is for the VPN service itself, to include all infrastructure (VPN servers, DNS Servers, …).

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  • By using your IP address to determine your location, region restrictions can be used to block an area as small as a neighborhood or as big as a country.
  • Speedify automatically prioritizes audio and video streams and dynamically adjusts to network conditions so you get unstoppable streams.
  • But not to worry, there are several ways to circumnavigate these issues and that’s our focus in this article.

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Let’s assume that I’m a “Person of Interest”, for the sake of argument OK? Maybe I use TOR, maybe I blogged 911 was an inside job, etc. So now the NSA monitors every bit of data going through my ISP, which is a cable modem FWIW.

But others that don’t use different passwords for different services may not be so lucky. That may offer more peace of mind while also providing better performance than Tor.

The router is an Asus AC-3200 which connects with OpenVPN to my VPN, which is ExpressVPN. BUT the NSA would have been there while I created my account and would have recorded any keys, passwords, etc.

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