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Softonic review CCleaner is one of the most widely used and downloaded maintenance tools for Windows. The new feature is available on all versions of CCleaner . This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

If you decide to go with Piriform’s CCleaner Professional, you will enter your payment details before following the above steps. While going through the payment screens, you may have offers for bundles that include other premium programs. If you receive a prompt from Windows asking for permission to give the software access to install, click yes to grant that permission. That’s a standard prompt that Windows should show when a new program is run. Find the file in your list of downloads and click to run the program.

So, when you look at the things in a broader way – your computer and your browser stay clean and safe by using CCleaner desktop and web browser. Extensions are useful as they offer you small tools required for your daily Internet browsing activities. But, they also allow doors for hackers and other exploits over the Internet. CCleaner browser checks every website against all unsafe sites and keeps you safe by blocking dangerous websites from installing harmful software on your computer.

It is simple to manage startup programs by using Task Manager with the below steps. You can perform this operation with the following steps. Certainly, if you would like to find a third-party tool to optimize and clean your PC or replace CCleaner, atomiccleaner, BleachBit as well as Space Analyzer are strongly recommended.

  • I’ll keep this one for while but will try others eventually.
  • If I ever find one that works as it should, my search is over.
  • Would be better if we could save directly into a selected folder rather than having to save to the main page and then move though so am giving 4 stars until that becomes possible.
  • Have just started using this app after trying several bookmark managers and am very happy with it so far.

Meaning websites and ad networks cannot Continue reading. For future versions, you can go to the Whatsapp download page and directly get it from there. follow you and dangerous websites cannot spoof you into acquiring your personal information. Choose your preferred language and make sure you choose the right browser for CCleaner Browser installer to import all your data from. If you are thinking of browsing the Internet privately and securely on your Windows computer then its time you rethink about your web browser. The program has worked for me with equal success on all Windows versions including Windows 7, 8 & 10.

Advertisers always track users across multiple different websites, to collect data about your likes and dislikes. That data then gets sold to 3rd parties, which then show you targeted advertising. With the latest version of anti-fingerprinting technology, i.e. version 2.2, CCleaner browser can disguise your unique browser fingerprint. It prevents websites from identifying and tracking you without your consent. Unlike any other web browser, CCleaner browser has anti-tracking and anti-phishing features enabled by default, once you start the stealth mode.

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CCleaner has been continuously upgraded and improved over the years since this article was written. It is still one of the best top rated programs in its class. The above are alternatives to CCleaner and don’t have any potential danger, let alone the risk of monitoring and leaking system information. Therefore, you can consider installing the given software after uninstalling CCleaner to continue to clean your PC. Read here, you can know the answer is absolutely No, but the real key point is that you should find a perfect replacement for it.

The most direct and helpful way is to find out what does CCleaner do and then seek respective tools to perform the tasks of CCleaner. As for the disk wiping feature of CCleaner, you also have an alternative. The Wipe Disk feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard enables you to clean up your disk with a few clicks.