The cabinet passed a draft law by Federal Family Minister Kristina Schröder (CDU), as it was called in government circles.

He opened the suitcase, panicked and alerted the police. He sent his girlfriend voice messages like: “Honey, I don’t understand the world anymore! What is a child doing in our suitcase? The suitcase was closed.” Now the trolley case printed with pink flowers is in the court.

According to the indictment, Laura S. zipped it up completely on the morning of the day it was found and set it up. The defendant denies this, saying she always ensured adequate ventilation – a key issue in the trial. When the significant other is heard as the first witness, Laura S. is shaken by fights. The budding hotel specialist, who looks like a 15-year-old, contradicts himself, leaves a lot in the vague. “Concentrate,” the judge admonished him several times. The baby’s boyfriend and father holds on to the relationship with Laura S.

The couple’s baby was cared for at the Hannover Medical School after its discovery. She was hypothermic, had a newborn infection, and had skin damage on her head, neck and knees. The girl now lives with foster parents. Source:, Christina Sticht, dpa “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of baby hatches” A car belonging to the Greek garbage disposal on the island of Kos. (Symbolic picture) (Photo: imago / Geisser) Delays in garbage collection usually do not have any major consequences. However, in the Greek city of Kalamata, a 15-minute delay now makes the difference between the life and death of a newborn.

The delay in collecting garbage saved an abandoned newborn baby from death in the western Greek city of Kalamata. “The baby was lucky,” said Kalamata’s mayor Thanassis Vassilopoulos to Alpha TV. A woman noticed the child who was just a few days old and, according to her own statements, stopped residents with loud shouts from throwing more rubbish into the garbage chute of a house. On Wednesday, when the baby was thrown into a several meters long garbage chute, the garbage truck was said to be Was late in the neighborhood, Mayor Vassilopoulos told Alpha TV. In the meantime, Vassiliki Tsoni discovered the infant when she was about to feed stray cats in the area. “The baby was put in a paper bag,” she told the news portal Newsit. It was thrown in the garbage chute to kill it. “The garbage chute was half full.

I screamed, nobody stopped to help, “said Tsoni, describing her reaction to the terrible discovery.” If I had gone to call the police, more rubbish would have covered the baby. “For half an hour, both she and she would have the infant screamed. “I’m not a mom, but this really hurts,” Tsoni said. The baby was eventually freed from the garbage can and, according to Alpha TV, taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. It was said to be likely to recover completely, how dangerous Mayor Vassilopoulos once again made it clear that the situation was from which the child was rescued: “The garbage trucks not only take the garbage with them, they press it.” Shortly after the incident, the police announced that they had in connection with the discovery of the A young woman arrested as an infant. Source:, agr / AFP “The number of unwanted babies in China is very high.

One reason is the one-child policy. (Photo: REUTERS) A so-called baby hatch in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has been closed for the time being due to overload. The authorities said that 262 children were handed in anonymously within six weeks. The city’s welfare facility is busy, with two-thirds of the babies left behind are said to be younger than a year.

All are sick or disabled. Some were born with Down syndrome and others suffered from cerebral palsy or congenital heart disease. The facility in Guangzhou opened in late January. According to the state media, there are around 25 baby flaps nationwide in China. Often the parents leave their babies there because they cannot afford the expensive treatment of their disabled children. Source:, sno / AFP “Between ox and donkey, wrapped in towels and barely a few hours old: That’s how it lies newborn baby in the crib of a New York church.

But what at first sounds like a modern Christmas fairy tale is bitter reality: A child bedded on hay and straw: In the Christmas crib of the Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens New York, the sexton discovers a whimpering baby. The boy, who is only a few hours old, lies between the figures of ox and donkey, as the “New York Times” reported. But what at first sounds like a modern Christmas fairy tale looks different on the police surveillance video. It shows a woman coming to church with the baby wrapped in a towel. The umbilical cord has not even been removed from the newly born child.

She lays the baby in the nativity scene and leaves the house of worship, which was set up by the sexton Jose Moran only a short time before. When he came back after lunch, he heard the boy’s screams and finally discovered it in the crib. He alerted the police and the church pastor, and the baby has been taken to hospital.

Pastor Christopher Ryan Heanue told the newspaper that the baby was in good health and that there was no trace of the mother. The police are looking for her. For Pastor Heanue, however, the woman did not abandon the boy. “The church should be a home for people in need and Pope Francis always speaks of mercy.

What is more compassionate than giving a home to someone who needs it. “In New York, as in many other American states, the so-called” safe haven “law applies. It allows parents to anonymously deposit unwanted newborns in public facilities – which is part of it churches, according to the report, but parents are required to immediately inform authorities where they have placed the infant.

The mother did not do that and the boy is currently being cared for in the hospital. A family from the parish is said to have already offered to adopt the little boy. Source:, dsi “The children should be able to clarify their identity in this way. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Family Minister Schröder wants the difficult one with a draft law Creating a balancing act between the rights of mother and child. The mother’s data should be recorded but kept under lock and key until the child’s 16th birthday. Desperate mothers should be allowed to give birth to their babies under pseudonyms in the future – without consulting a doctor Refrain from help.

At the age of 16, however, the child should be able to find out who his birth mother is. This is what it says in a key issues paper from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. A corresponding law is to follow – above all, it should make the controversial baby hatches superfluous. “We have found a balanced regulation that respects the mother’s wish for anonymity and the child’s right to an identity of their own,” said Family Minister Kristina Schröder from der CDU of the “Rheinische Post”. The procedure provides that the woman at a counseling center chooses a pseudonym for herself as well as a female and a male first name for the unborn child. These are passed on to the clinic, health insurance company and registry office. The counseling center keeps a sealed envelope with the mother’s data and sends it to you on the 16th

The baby flaps, in which women can drop their newborns undetected, are currently – as well as anonymous births – forbidden and are only tolerated, as a spokesman for the family ministry said. “The aim of a confidential birth is to make the secret births, which are risky for mothers and children outside of medical facilities, as unnecessary as possible and to make baby flaps dispensable,” he said Baby flaps should be opened more. The existing ones, which are operated by various agencies, would continue to be only tolerated for the time being. The German Ethics Council and the German Child Protection Association had also described the baby hatches in the past as “ethically and legally very problematic”. The German Ethics Council had already proposed the possibility of a confidential birth in 2009. “We very much welcome the fact that Minister Schröder is now largely taking up our recommendations,” said the Chair of the Ethics Council, Christiane Woopen. She, too, hopes that the baby hatches, which have existed in Germany since 1999, can be abolished in the long term through the new law. That a mother could be afraid even before birth that her child will find out where from 16 years from now Woopen thinks it is unlikely. It is crucial that the mother does not have to reveal herself in the moments of pregnancy and birth or in the first few years afterwards.

There could be “extremely rare exceptional cases” in which the mother must remain anonymous even after 16 years and must be protected. “After 16 years, it can be assumed that she has overcome her psychosocial conflict situation,” the ministry’s paper also says facing the mother. Your data must therefore be checked by the counseling center and should not be withheld from the child for too long. Thus, the ministry strengthens the rights of children with the principle of confidential birth compared to the baby hatch. The second corner point says: “Everyone has a right to know their origin”. Source:, dpa “Baby flaps are intended to save the lives of unwanted children. For this infant, however, any help came too late Source: “The baby was left in front of a house on this street. (Photo: dpa) A big surprise awaits the residents of a house in Berlin: a baby lies on a towel in front of their door.

There is no trace of the mother: The residents of a single-family home in Berlin-Pankow found an abandoned baby on their entrance steps early on Saturday morning. The newborn girl was lying on a towel that the family had left outside overnight. The residents first took the baby into the house and alerted the fire department. This took the girl to a hospital. Officials from the State Criminal Police Office then questioned possible witnesses.

A sniffer dog was also used. According to their own statements, the police initially had no clues or clear leads. The baby was fully developed and he was doing well, said a police spokeswoman. However, it was not properly cut off.

At first, she was unable to provide any information on the exact age of the newborn. Source:, hul / dpa “In the future, mothers will be able to give birth to their children under a pseudonym. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) In the future, women should also use pseudonyms for their children The federal cabinet decides to avoid secret births outside of clinics. The federal government wants to enable women to have a confidential birth and thus create an alternative to baby hatches. The cabinet passed a draft law by Federal Family Minister Kristina Schröder (CDU), as it was called in government circles.

The aim is to avoid secret births outside of clinics, which are risky for mothers and children, and to prevent newborns from being abandoned or killed. According to the draft, women are to be offered “comprehensive, low-threshold and open-ended advice” before they are born . This should give the pregnant woman the chance to decide to live with the child. Only when there is no other solution is the confidential birth offered. The woman can then give birth to her child under a pseudonym, and the child is usually put up for adoption. At the age of 16

At the age of 16, however, it has the right to know its mother’s identity. The new regulation is scheduled to come into force on May 1, 2014. Anonymous births are already possible today. So far, however, there has been no national legal regulation and thus a secure basis for the women and other parties involved. With the law, Family Minister Schröder is also pursuing the goal of more women using confidential birth instead of baby hatches.

Like the confidential birth, the baby flaps should also be tested after three years. According to a study by the German Youth Institute (DJI), between 1999 and 2010, almost 1,000 children were born anonymously or placed in a baby flap. Up to 35 children are abandoned or killed every year immediately after birth. Source:, AFP “The bodies were discovered in a three-story house in Berlin-Gatow. (Photo: dpa) Only the one-year-old daughter survived the fatal family drama of Berlin: The girl is dropped off by her father in the baby hatch of a hospital.

The 69-year-old man, his 28-year-old wife and their 3 and 6-year-old sons are later discovered dead in their apartment. The motive for the deed is probably immense debts, and the series of shocking family dramas in Germany never ends. Just one day after an act of violence with three dead became known in Neuss, the investigators found four dead in an apartment building in Berlin. So far, police assume that a 69-year-old father killed his 3 and 6-year-old children, his 28-year-old wife and himself. According to the “Bild” newspaper, only the one-year-old daughter survived the deadly family drama.

The girl was said to have been delivered by her father to the baby hatch of the forest hospital in Spandau on Sunday. The public prosecutor’s office initially refused to comment. The motive for the crime could be over-indebtedness. (Photo: REUTERS) The 69-year-old man, his 28-year-old wife and 3 and 6-year-old sons were discovered dead on Tuesday evening in the apartment building in Alt-Gatow been. It is believed that the man killed his wife and sons as well as himself.

Over-indebtedness could be a possible motive for the crime. Investigators assume that the crime occurred several days ago, and when exactly it was initially unclear. “There is no evidence that the woman wanted the killing,” emphasized Redlich. The causes of death have not yet been determined, but according to the police, the victims were not shot. The man probably did not take his own life immediately after the crime, but let it pass for quite some time, it was said. Neighbors had alerted the fire brigade shortly after 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening because the family’s car had not been moved for a long time and a window the apartment had been open for days, the spokesman said.