The effects of reducing daily protein intake to below 1.2 g/kg reference weight during a ketogenic diet include progressive loss of functional lean tissue and thus loss of physical performance, as demonstrated by Davis et al . In this study, subjects given protein at 1.1 g/kg-d experienced a significant reduction in VO2max over a 3 month period on a ketogenic diet, whereas subjects given 1.5 g/kg-d maintained VO2max. An example of what happens when these mineral considerations are not heeded can be found in a study prominently published in 1980 . This was a study designed to evaluate the relative value of “protein only” versus “protein plus carbohydrate” in the preservation of lean tissue during a weight loss diet. The protein only diet consisted solely of boiled turkey (taken without the broth), whereas the protein plus carbohydrate consisted of an equal number of calories provided as turkey plus grape juice.

The biggest claim of keto proponents is that it gives you a “metabolic advantage” that leads to greater fat loss than simply a caloric deficit. They say that if you eat 2000 calories on a keto diet, you will lose more fat than if you consume 2000 calories on a diet with higher carbs and lower fats. I don’t see anything that allows me to comment either way, so I haven’t included this claim as a benefit. Good examples of this approach include Dan Duchaine’s Body Opus and Mauro DiPasquale’s Anabolic Diet.

What are the disadvantages of keto diet

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In the meantime, a person may suffer from nausea and other difficulties. – Going to Social Gatherings May Become Difficult The keto diet puts so much restriction on foods that one can eat hardly anything at social gatherings like in parties. It can really get vexatious to have friends and relatives answer about the self-imposed dietary restrictions. – There Is a Risk of High Cholesterol If the person is genetically predisposed to getting high blood cholesterol, the keto diet will only add to it.

So, for people with a genetic inclination for high cholesterol, keto diets can be deadly. – Adaptation Period Is Difficult Since the keto diet is vastly keto diet pills different from a normal diet, one needs to go through the adaptation process before starting on such a diet. This article is written by Raphael Sirtoli who has an MSc in Molecular Biology. He’s currently doing a PhD in Health Sciences where he conducts neuroscience research on mental health. He is the co-founder of Nutrita, a company helping people follow a low-carb ketogenic diet to reach their health and performance goals.

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Being in ketosis is very hard to maintain on this approach. Few topics are as polarizing as ketogenic diets, and there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. People either believe keto is the one and only correct way to eat, or that it’s a dangerous fad, no better than any other diet that creates a caloric deficit.

Nutrita created the first-ever ‘Keto score’, the most accurate Insulin index to date, and an advanced ‘Nutrient density score’. Sustainability is the missing quality in many dietary interventions. Combining intermittent fasting with ketogenic diets can solve the two major pain points that people report for why they couldn’t stick to their diet or fat-loss goal.