This has not yet been guaranteed, said the minister

In January 2019, the Passau district court sentenced a 25-year-old to three and a half years in prison. Three younger defendants received suspended sentences. A conviction is already final.

The other three penalties are now being reviewed in Karlsruhe. Either the public prosecutor’s office or the victim’s parents as joint plaintiffs have appealed. Two of the accused are also challenging the verdict. Should the highest criminal judge object to legal errors, it may be necessary to renegotiate in Passau.

A 22-year-old drove away on an e-bike from a police check in Passau under the influence of drugs and with drugs in his luggage. After a short chase, however, his escape came to an end. "He crashed into several cars, and was arrested"said a police spokeswoman on Saturday. "The suspect was traveling at around 20 kilometers per hour – but we were faster."

The investigators found one in the 22-year-old’s backpack "significant amount of marijuana and crystal meth" as well as a fine balance. He stood "noticeably drugged". The 22-year-old received several advertisements on Saturday night.

With clear words, actor Ottfried Fischer called for an education against racism and anti-Semitism. There is still "Morons"who thought racist, said the 66-year-old "Passauer Neue Presse" (Saturday edition) in a conversation about his new film "Otto Neururer – Hopeful darkness".

"What you can do about it, you have to do about it, in order to bring about peace in society and also towards the end "Never again!" get"explained Fischer. Jews should be able to live in Germany without fear.

In the film, which celebrates its German premiere on January 25th, Fischer plays a pastor with Parkinson’s disease who, together with two other characters, goes on a search for traces of the Tyrolean clergyman Otto Neururer, who was murdered by the Nazis in 1940.

The actor has Parkinson’s himself. It was exhausting, but also good to play the role. The more natural a film comes across, the more convincing it is, explained Fischer.

The police caught a car driver turning on the A3 near Passau on Sunday night. According to the police, the woman had taken the motorway and then drove back on the hard shoulder. The 49-year-old stated that she got lost. Other drivers were not endangered, but according to the police, the woman must expect a fine and a driving ban.

During a routine check near the border with Austria, the police seized two kilograms of the amphetamine crystal meth. A patrol had stopped a car with two men on Autobahn 3 near Passau, the police said on Wednesday. Because of inaccurate information from the two, their car was subjected to a close inspection. The officers came across two kilograms of the drug in the car, which was hidden in plastic bags.

Police said the 34-year-old driver had a blood test on suspicion of drug use before he was brought before the district court of Passau on Tuesday at the request of the public prosecutor. An arrest warrant was issued against the man. His co-driver is free again.

It went well for a long time. But in the end there was a lot of creaking in the entablature: the organ in Passau’s St. Stephan Cathedral is showing its age. She groans and groans, the wind pressure is no longer sufficient, the power supply is vulnerable and static and fungal attack also cause problems. "In addition, it now has more frequent dropouts, because perfect playability is no longer guaranteed", says cathedral organist Ludwig Ruckdeschel about his famous work device and adds: "I’ve been here since 2003. Since about this time we have known that action is necessary. We can now finally no longer avoid a renovation."

In order to make the update of the world’s largest church organ as well thought out and sustainable as possible, cathedral provost Michael Bär had a 15-strong, consisting of external experts and cathedral representatives "Organ Commission" form.argumentative essay technology The result: the upcoming five-year renovation will cost around six and a half million euros. The tricky thing about it: The operation should be maintained during the extensive work. Not only because the sound of the organ is part of the service in Passau Cathedral, like that "Our Father" to the liturgy. But also because the instrument, which was put into operation in 1928, picks up a good portion of the pending costs itself.

"We have been holding very well-attended organ concerts in the cathedral for years"says Provost Bear. "With this we have been able to save quite a bit of cushion over the past few years." Admittedly not enough to cover the upcoming costs. In addition to the usual subsidies from church tax money, Passau is also hoping for funds from other public pots, as Bär reveals: "We have already given some thought to sponsoring and cultural funds. But nothing is ready to be said yet."

The chances are good. After all, the organ in Passau Cathedral is much more than a ceremonial instrument. It is also a magnet for visitors and a tourist highlight in the Lower Bavarian city of three rivers. "The number of visitors to the organ concerts is increasing and the religious masses are always very well attended"says Bear.

After the last expansion and renovation and the last general cleaning in 1980, the church instrument with 233 registers, 17,974 pipes and four carillons delighted countless churchgoers and concert-goers. It served faithfully for 40 years. "And after this renovation, there should be quiet again for 40 years", says Bear. Ruckdeschel sees it similarly: "Apart from the replacement of electronic wear parts, nothing major should come to us in the next 40 or 50 years."

The organ in Passau’s St. Stephan Cathedral consists of a total of five organs. The main organ is housed in the middle west gallery, it is flanked by four, stylistically different organs in the side aisles, in the roof structure and in the choir. Since the last renovation, the cathedral organ has been designed in the neo-baroque style. After the upcoming renovation, churchgoers and concert-goers can look forward to a new sound experience: "Originally, the organ was located in the late Late Romanticism"says Bear. "We would like to build on this powerful and warm sound. We want to wake a sleeping giant." A giant organ of world renown.

After a fire with several hundred thousand euros in damage on a former farm near Passau, the police have determined a suspected arsonist. A 20-year-old is said to have deliberately set fire to a hay bale, as the officials announced on Monday.

The case had been handed over to the prosecutor, said a spokesman. He didn’t give any details. The fire broke out on December 15 in an empty stable and triggered a large-scale deployment of around 100 firefighters. Nobody was injured.

In Bavaria, dead zones are being plugged so that cell phones, computers and, for example, the technical devices in cars can work faster. By October, the mobile operators had built or upgraded 1,800 new radio locations this year, said Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) "Passauer Neue Presse" (Tuesday). "As part of our funding program, the first 44 municipalities have already received a funding notification." The mobile network operators have also promised an expansion for more than 200 communities. "Many white and gray spots could be closed in this way"said Aiwanger.

He asked the operators, according to the contracts, to completely close the gaps in the mobile communications coverage of the motorways and ICE routes by the end of the year. "This has not yet been guaranteed"said the minister. The Federal Network Agency knows the results of measurements that his house has carried out. "And I expect that they will quickly check the actual supply and improve where there are still gaps"said Aiwanger.

Actor Ottfried Fischer (66) did not propose a classic marriage proposal to his future wife. "It was more of a settlement talk"he told the German Press Agency on Friday. The couple had announced that they wanted to get married in autumn after 13 years together. The cabaret artist and his partner Simone Brandlmeier (49) live in Passau in Lower Bavaria.

The wedding theme is a little "threatening" stood in the room, said Fischer with his own dry sense of humor. He recently had one with his partner "strong tendency to tulle and tears" perceived. Whether he will be infected by so much romance remains to be seen – at least it should be a big wedding celebration. "Strictly Catholic, of course."

The two do not think that the Passau people could be bent because the wedding is planned in Regensburg. They also have a close relationship with Regensburg, and the Hotel Orphée, with its beauty, is the right place. In addition to relatives, they would have "a bunch of colleagues" invited and already received some commitments.

The couple now want to plan the summer in peace. "Let’s see if we are still happy then." Will you then go on to your honeymoon? "We are currently traveling so much that we will stay home for three weeks after the wedding"joked Fischer. The couple recently went on vacation to the United Arab Emirates.

The cabaret artist, who has Parkinson’s disease, also dedicated his autobiographical book of stories, published last autumn, to his partner. The couple moved from Munich to Passau in 2017, where they inherited their grandparents’ house. Brandlmeier did this move and one "decent life, away from the sanatoriums, in a real home" made possible.

Actor Ottfried Fischer (66) wants to get married again. The wedding with his long-time partner Simone Brandlmeier (49) was planned for autumn, the couple announced to the Münchner Zeitung "tz".

"So we get married optically like a classic bridal couple – in white and black", said Fischer on the phone, reported the "tz" online on Thursday evening. "It’s just a question of who wears white and who wears black"he enjoyed himself.

Brandlmeier confirmed the plans at the request of the dpa. The wedding is planned in Regensburg with more than 100 guests. Both were already married.

Fischer is famous for appearances in the Sat.1 crime series "The bull from Tölz", in the ARD crime series "Pastor Braun" or as Sir Quickly in the cult TV series "Somehow and anyway", which began in 1986 on Bavarian radio.

The actor, cabaret artist and author, who had Parkinson’s disease, moved from Munich to Passau a few years ago. As a child he often spent time with his grandparents there. He wants, "that the circle closes"he justified the step.

Several years ago, Fischer made his Parkinson’s disease public and was combative. At the first cabaret appearance after the announcement, he joked: "Don’t worry, I don’t do any shaking rhymes!"

So far, Fischer has not let the disease get him down any more than the headlines about his private life. The separation from his former wife, with whom he has two daughters, once filled the columns of the tabloid media.

The Bavarian State Parliament is organizing its traditional Holocaust remembrance for the first time together with political representatives from the Czech Republic and Austria. The ceremony will take place today in Passau (11.30 a.m.).

State Parliament President Ilse Aigner (CSU) and the Director of the Bavarian Memorials Foundation, Karl Freller, want to commemorate the crimes during the Nazi era. One of the announced speakers is Josef Schuster, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Two contemporary witnesses from the Czech Republic and Austria report in a panel discussion.

In Passau there were once three satellite camps of the concentration camp in Mauthausen near Linz, Austria. At least 90,000 people died in the concentration camp and its satellite camps between 1938 and 1945.

A stranger stole letters and parcels from a Swiss Post handcart during delivery in Passau. "The theft was probably not targeted – the man just grabbed it", said a police spokesman on Saturday. The 35-year-old postman had previously parked his car in front of a residential building. A witness observed the theft on Friday, but lost sight of the stranger. The officers found the torn open packages in a parking garage a little later. The spoils – perfume and accessories for a digital camera – were gone. The search for the perpetrator was initially unsuccessful.

The police wanted criminals in Lower Bavaria twice online. The officers arrested a 36-year-old at the border control of a coach near Passau, as the police announced on Tuesday. For driving without a license, the man was sentenced in August 2017 to a fine of 2800 euros or a substitute imprisonment of 70 days, but has since been on the run. Police said he was sent to jail because he was unable to pay the sum on Monday.

At the main train station in Passau, the officials found a 29-year-old on a cross-border train who was wanted several times. He was also unable to pay the fine of two arrest warrants of 1,800 euros for offenses and violations of the Narcotics Act and was taken to prison, where he is now staying for 76 days. The police also withdrew his driver’s license because of a wanted notice and reported his apprehension to the Kiel public prosecutor, who is looking for the man for violating the compulsory insurance law.

The leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter, has called for a European night train network. "This would allow you to travel quickly by night and save yourself a lot of domestic German and European flights"he said "Passauer Neue Presse" (Saturday). "Germany is in the middle of Europe and could play a central role in this."

Deutsche Bahn (DB) handed over its night train network to the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) three years ago. A new ÖBB offer recently started with night trains from Vienna via Nuremberg to Brussels and from Innsbruck via Munich to Brussels. Hofreiter said it was irresponsible that DB stopped its offer at that time.

During a routine check on a train in Lower Bavaria, police officers caught a criminal convicted of attempted murder.