Known from “Love Island”: The new Bachelorette is now fixed

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US model Ashley Graham is heavily pregnant. The baby will soon see the light of day. Whether she is looking forward to a boy or a girl, she has now revealed in a TV show.

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The heavily pregnant plus-size model Ashley Graham has now made public whether she and her husband, director Justin Ervin, are looking forward to a girl or a boy. "I am having a boy!"shouted the US star on the TV show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and almost jumped up from the seat. "I will be a mommy to a boy!"she pushed after.

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Ashley Graham made her pregnancy public in August with a video clip on Instagram. In it she congratulated her husband on the ninth wedding anniversary: "I married the love of my life nine years ago." Then she was happy about it "growing family". Her baby bump was already clearly visible in the clip. The baby is due to be born in January.

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Ashley Graham was the first plus-size model to appear in the US magazine in 2016 "Sports Illustraded Swimsuit" was pictured. In the same year she appeared on the cover of "Cosmopolitan". In addition to her modeling activities, she is also present on television and is on the jury of "America’s Next Top Model".

Sources used: news agency spot on newsInstagram profile of Ellen DeGeneres

The corona crisis makes many people rethink their everyday lives. The same thing happened to actress Andrea Gerhard. The "Mountain doctor"-Actress has changed her diet.

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Andrea Gerhard has been part of the cast of "The mountain doctor" and thus turns a lot in the mountain landscape of Tyrol. In her home town of Hamburg, the nature-loving actress takes care of her balcony with great care. And this goes through the stomach, because Gerhard feeds on his own plants and now lives as a vegan.

Together with her friend, the actor David Wehle, she grows delicacies such as peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, basil, chives or coriander, just like her, on her eight-square-meter balcony "picture"Newspaper tells.

"I went vegan to detoxify my body"

"I have been a vegetarian since 2014"says the ZDF star in an interview. "I pay close attention to healthy eating. During the Corona period, I followed a vegan diet and took a fast to detoxify my body."

And that brought her a lot, as she proudly reports. "This has strengthened my immune system. I slept better, have a lot of energy, and I’m in a good mood. I feel as fit as a gym shoe, I am totally balanced, I eat mostly vegan."

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With so much culinary delights, she doesn’t want to travel far, but takes home leave very literally: "What could be nicer than a holiday in a balcony?"

Sources used: "’Bergdoktor’ star Andrea Gerhard Corona made me a vegan!"

Karlsruhe (dpa / tmn) – If a tenant breaks off the renovation of a house in the middle of work, the landlord can be entitled to to write an argumentative essay However, old and broken wallpaper can have lost so much of its value that only minor damage has occurred.

Construction financing: "A loan was cheaper for us than rent" With a current loan: This is how homeowners save 62,000 euros Digital advice: This is how building finance via video chat works. Loans for real estate: Loans for real estate – How to find follow-up financing.

The magazine reports "The real estate" of the house owners association & Grund Berlin (No. 19/2019). It refers to a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH, Az .: VIII ZR 263/17). Courts must therefore consider the age and condition of the allegedly damaged item. Landlords have the burden of proof.

District court: Partial demolition restricts landlord

In the negotiated case, the landlady had allowed the tenant to renovate the house. To do this, he removed some of the wallpaper. When the tenant learned that the house was about to be sold, he stopped work. The tenancy later ended and the tenant moved out. The landlady sued for damages.

In the second instance, the district court awarded her 80 percent of the costs for the new wallpapering of the affected walls. Because the tenant intervened in the landlord’s freedom of choice. Without the partial demolition, according to the court, she could have rented the apartment unrenovated or could have more easily agreed with the new tenant that he would take over the renovation.

BGH: Worn things cannot have almost new value

This did not convince the BGH: Damage could occur if a tenant removes wallpaper without installing new ones. For the amount of damage, however, the condition and age of the previous wallpaper are important. The court must respond to this. In the negotiated case, according to the tenant, the wallpaper was around 30 years old, repainted several times and had already partially come off. It was therefore worthless. As the plaintiff, the landlord had to prove the damage and its amount.

The BGH did not consider the approach of 80 percent of the costs comprehensible. This means that the value of a completely worn decoration was almost set at the new value. The district court must now decide again on the amount of damage.

Nuremberg (dpa / tmn) – Landlords have the right to check reported defects of a tenant. However, they are not allowed to take any third party with them to visit. This emerges from a decision of the Nuremberg-Fürth regional court (Az .: 7 S 8432/17), announced the judicial press office of the Nuremberg Higher Regional Court.

Construction financing: "A loan was cheaper for us than rent" With a current loan: This is how homeowners save 62,000 euros Digital advice: This is how building finance via video chat works. Loans for real estate: Loans for real estate – How to find follow-up financing.

In the negotiated case, a tenant made the landlord of a row house aware of defects. From the landlord’s point of view, the notification of defects is unfounded and part of a chicane. Nevertheless, he wanted to check the defects with a witness – the tenant repeatedly refused to allow a third person to view the rental property. The landlord then terminated the tenancy without notice – it was not reasonable for him. He first turned to the Erlangen District Court with an eviction action (Ref .: 15 C 603/17).

The magistrates dismissed the lawsuit. On the grounds that a landlord must exercise his right to view the property carefully – i.e. safeguard the tenant’s interest in the inviolability of the apartment. The inspection should be carried out effectively and further appointments should be avoided. A competent person such as a craftsman or an expert is permitted to inspect defects, but any third person who is not knowledgeable is not. The regional court followed this argument in the appeal proceedings and also dismissed the lawsuit.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – An elevator in the house can make life easier. Owners may share the operating costs with tenants if this is provided for in the rental agreement. Even those who live on the ground floor can be obliged to do so.

Construction financing: "A loan was cheaper for us than rent" With a current loan: This is how homeowners save 62,000 euros Digital advice: This is how building finance via video chat works. Loans for real estate: Loans for real estate – How to find follow-up financing.

This emerges from a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) (Az .: VIII ZR 103/06), about which the magazine "My apartment, our house" (Edition 3/2019) of the owners’ association Haus und Grund Germany reports.

This also applies if there is neither a cellar nor an attic in the house that could be reached by elevator. The judge’s argument: Tenants also use other advantages unequally and thus cause different costs. Examples are the lighting of the entrance and stairwell, the costs of cleaning these areas or garden maintenance. Proportional accounting depending on the cause would, in the opinion of the judges, be too confusing and often not feasible.

According to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice, it is different if tenants cannot reach their apartment with the elevator at all (Az .: VIII ZR 128/08). This is the case, for example, when the lift is in a different part of the building – in the negotiated case in the front building.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – If a tenant notices that he has lost his apartment or front door key, he should inform the landlord immediately. This is the advice of the House Owners Association & Reason Germany.

Construction financing: "A loan was cheaper for us than rent" With a current loan: This is how homeowners save 62,000 euros Digital advice: This is how building finance via video chat works. Loans for real estate: Loans for real estate – How to find follow-up financing.

This is particularly important if the key has been lost together with the wallet or an address tag and unauthorized persons can easily get into the house or apartment. Otherwise the tenant usually has to pay for any damage.

The tenant’s duty of care includes taking care of things that the landlord gives him and avoiding damage. If he loses something, he has to replace it. This also applies to keys if the tenant is responsible for the loss and there is a risk that someone else will use the key. This emerges from a ruling by the Federal Court of Justice (Az .: VII ZR 205/13). Under certain circumstances, however, the household insurance will step in.

The tenant can only influence to a limited extent how much the loss costs him: If a key is missing, the landlord can decide whether a replacement key should be made for the rented apartment or whether the door lock or even the locking system of the house including the door locks of all apartments should be replaced.

Whether tenants have to come to the Kehrwoche depends on their contract. Basically, the landlord is responsible for clean common rooms. However, in some cases he can let the tenants contribute to the costs. 

The landlord is responsible for the shared rooms in the house. The expenses for cleaning the stairwell, the corridors or other common rooms count as operating costs, explains the German Tenants’ Association (DMB).

This means that they can be allocated proportionally to the tenants via the utility bills – if the rental agreement provides for this.

Instead, the tenants can also be obliged in the lease to keep the stairwell, attic or basement clean themselves. The house rules or a cleaning schedule then determine exactly where and at what intervals cleaning has to be carried out. The landlord must ensure compliance.

If necessary, the landlord can commission cleaning assistance

If individual tenants do not take sufficient care of their tasks, the landlord can warn them or demand compensation: He can commission cleaning assistance and bill the tenant who has not cleaned the stairwell, according to the DMB. 

Zoff in the stairwell: What is allowed and what is not Federal Court of Justice ruling: Landlords who cannot measure have bad luck Caution: you should consider this when looking for an apartment


Even if the cleaning is carelessly done, the landlord cannot simply transfer the cleaning work to a company and distribute the costs among all tenants. According to the tenants’ association, such a change is only possible with the consent of all tenants in the house. Because with the rental agreement, they have not only taken on the obligation to clean the stairwell, but also the right to do so. The landlord must not shake this unilaterally.

Sources used: dpa news agency

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