A test on the 60-year-old shepherd was negative, the diocese announced on Monday

It is important to take the lockdown seriously and reduce the number of contacts. After the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is now over 200 across Bavaria, Bavaria is ultimately a nationwide hotspot. This shows how important it is to extend the contact and exit restrictions.

The requirements have become stricter, the number of infections continues to rise rapidly – and yet the Baden-Württemberg police are still registering thousands of violations nationwide during corona checks. In the past week (7th-13th December) almost 19,000 people were checked and more than 10,000 violations were found, the Ministry of the Interior announced on Monday in Stuttgart. Almost 9,600 of those controlled did not wear the prescribed mouth and nose protection and more than 500 misinterpreted the provisions on contact restrictions.

Almost without exception, all of the controlled passers-by had shown their understanding, so they were not reported, it said. “” The police controls met with great acceptance and positive response from the population, “said Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) on Monday in Stuttgart. The police controls are “” necessary and accepted.

In 700 other cases it looked a little different – there the officials filed charges of administrative offenses because the people checked did not show any insight. Details on the numbers after the nationwide exit restriction are not available.

Mainz (dpa / lrs) – When complying with the contact restrictions on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the police are also dependent on the population. The police control behavior in public and only in exceptional cases in the apartments, said Interior Minister Roger Lewentz on Monday in Mainz. “” Exceptional cases are, for example, noise pollution or other nuisance facts, “” explained the SPD politician. “” We rely on the disciplined behavior of the population – as the first lockdown has also shown – to a large extent. “” It is about “” bringing the number of movements down significantly “”. “” We will achieve that too. “”

“We as a society and also the police depend on people to understand that their health is at stake.” “With the continuing high death toll in connection with Corona, many people realize that it could also affect their loved ones. The understanding of the population for the hard lockdown from this Wednesday on is great. Many are also of the opinion that this should have come earlier.

The police officers have been “demanding an enormous amount for months”, “said Lewentz. In order for the police and security services to continue with the intensive controls, they would have to be among the first to be vaccinated against corona, said the interior minister. The Interior Ministers Conference in Berlin last Thursday also called for police officers, firefighters and disaster relief workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with special priority as soon as a corresponding vaccine is approved.

The AfD in the Hamburg citizenship has criticized the lockdown that will apply nationwide from Wednesday to contain the corona pandemic. “The strategy of sealing is wrong and expensive,” said parliamentary group leader Alexander Wolf. “Our country and our society cannot afford to shut down the economy for weeks.” “Of course, it is important to protect risk groups from infections. “But folding up the sidewalks and closing shopping streets are disproportionate.” “

The state governments are currently resolving extreme encroachments on fundamental rights in the fight against the corona pandemic. The parliaments want to have a say, even if the measures are waved through with the majority of the government factions. The MPs met on Monday to discuss the upcoming lockdown and the drastic measures that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Minister had agreed on Sunday.https://123helpme.me/community-service-essay/ Prime Minister Kretschmann defended the strategy of the federal and state governments – and asked for understanding for the zigzag course.

Because from the opposition’s point of view, Green-Black slept through the summer in order to do too little afterwards and to make false promises that must now be broken in the face of a tough lockdown. Unworldly, chaotic, divided – these are the characteristics that characterize the green-black corona management from the point of view of the SPD. Group leader Andreas Stoch called for a paradigm shift on Monday. The measures should no longer be based on what is socially important or not, but rather whether they work against the virus. Stoch demanded an “” if-then strategy “” from the state government for the period after the lockdown. He accused the Greens and the CDU of election campaign noise and a “” crippling argument about profile addiction “”.

FDP parliamentary group leader Rülke calls for a change from a containment strategy to a protection strategy with a view to special protective measures for risk groups. Rülke finds something like praise for the green mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, who wants to protect the elderly in his city in particular. With the breakwater concept, the government probably increased the number of infections, was Rülke’s most serious accusation.

The AfD even senses an uncoordinated fear policy, which not only causes severe mental and psychological disorders in people, but even psychosomatic and permanent behavioral disorders in the everyday life of citizens. First the government fired with the shotgun, said parliamentary group leader Bernd Gögel (AfD) with a view to the universal measures of the government. Now you even shoot a cannon without knowing what you want to hit.

CDU parliamentary group leader Wolfgang Reinhart defends the government’s policy with haunting words. The statements come from “” clever people in the ex-post view “”, afterwards you know everything better. If you have learned anything from the crisis, it is that no one has leased the truth.

Kretschmann portrays the tough lockdown policy as having no alternative. The situation is dramatic, the virus has long not only hit the elderly. At the University Clinic in Freiburg, the average age of ventilated patients is 58 years. In Baden-Württemberg, the number of confirmed corona infections rose by 2177 cases within one day, according to the health department, and 99 additional deaths related to Covid-19 were registered.

You can only regain control if you act more decisively, said Kretschmann. He again urged citizens to refrain from contacts. “If we stick to the measures, we will strengthen ourselves and weaken the virus.” “With a view to Christmas, he appealed to citizens to take responsibility. “” The Minister of the Interior cannot send the police into the apartments and they’ll see how many people are hopping around the Christmas tree. “”

“” More clarity is not possible, “said the green. Only when the number of infections has dropped significantly can one offer perspective and planning, said Kretschmann. The Prime Minister made a promise to the citizens after all: “” We will not have a Corona election campaign, “” he said. He had agreed that with CDU top candidate Susanne Eisenmann. “” We will have to rule and rule together until the very last day before the election because the situation requires it. “”

The Left has called in the Magdeburg state parliament not to deport any more people from Germany during the corona pandemic. “It is simply irresponsible to send people on the road now and to force them to make contacts,” said the leader of the Left Group, Eva von Angern, in the state parliament on Tuesday. This would force people to do exactly what the corona restrictions are supposed to prevent. “” This is not about the fulfillment of numbers from the interior ministries, it is about people, “said von Angern.

The CDU refused. CDU parliamentary group leader Siegfried Borgwardt said that the deportations had already decreased due to the corona during the crisis. Borgwardt emphasized that his group was against a general suspension of deportations. Hardly any people were deported to special risk areas during the crisis. However, there was also approval from the other government factions, the SPD and Greens. The state parliament referred the left’s motion to the interior committee.

The six vaccination centers planned for Berlin will only be finished with a slight delay. It was planned that they should be ready to go in mid-December. The project manager for the construction, Albrecht Broemme, told the RBB – “” Abendschau “” (Monday), the date was postponed. A spokesman for the Senate Department for Health assured on Tuesday: “” The vaccination centers will be ready on December 21st. “”

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn is counting on vaccinations to start soon. One should be optimistic that vaccine approval could take place on December 23, said the CDU politician, with reference to corresponding media information on Tuesday in Berlin. The aim is to achieve European vaccine approval before Christmas and then to be able to start vaccinating in Germany before the turn of the year.

The vaccination centers in Berlin are to be built at the former Tegel Airport (Terminal C), in a hall on the exhibition grounds, in Hangar 4 in Tempelhof, the Velodrom in Pankow, the Arena in Berlin-Treptow and in the Erika-Heß-Eisstadion in Wedding. In the six vaccination centers, the vaccination candidates in the first phase, for example older people over 80 years of age, are to be vaccinated.

Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) also announced last Thursday that there would be mobile vaccination teams for people in Berlin nursing homes.

Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) hopes that the corona lockdown will be relaxed in January – but does not want to guarantee anything. The measures are of course very unpopular, said Aiwanger after a cabinet meeting in Munich on Monday. But you have to support this because the current infection numbers leave no other choice. “Thank God, Monday and Tuesday are still open, so that people can still do their most essential Christmas shopping and not end up without a Christmas present,” the minister added.

The goal for January is to be able to “” reopen as many things as possible as soon as possible, “said the Vice-Prime Minister. “” We can’t promise anything, but we strive for it. “”

The City of Hamburg has extended the Social Preservation Ordinance to protect tenants from gentrification to the districts of Barmbek-Nord, Barmbek-Süd and the Jarrestadt. The urban development authority announced on Tuesday that a further 83,400 people have been protected since the weekend. A total of around 316,800 Hamburgers would now be under the protection of the regulation. In areas with a social conservation ordinance, residential buildings may only be demolished or changed with permits. The same applies to the conversion of rental apartments into condominiums. In addition, the city has a right of first refusal.

In the newly recorded areas, the conversion of rental apartments into owner-occupied apartments was particularly noticeable. The prices for condominiums have more than doubled in the past ten years. In addition, there is still a high sales potential, since the proportion of rental apartments in all three areas is currently around 90 percent. In addition, there is a risk of modernization with corresponding rent increases with the mostly more than 60-year-old, seldom high-quality, but still quite cheap apartments.

The urban districts of Barmbeck, which are dominated by buildings from the 1920s and 1930s as well as post-war developments, and the architecturally outstanding Jarrestadt are under increasing pressure of displacement, explained Senator for Urban Development Dorothee Stapelfeldt (SPD). “” Apartments are structurally upgraded and can thus become unaffordable for previous tenants, especially in the case of extensive modernization. Or they are immediately converted into condominiums and sold. “” Preservation ordinances would now protect the residents as much as possible from these developments.

Gisela Erler, who has been State Councilor for Civil Society and Citizen Participation for ten years, is withdrawing from politics after the state elections in March. As the German Press Agency in Stuttgart learned from Green circles, the expected withdrawal of the 74-year-olds is now finally clear. With Erler’s departure, another companion of Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann stops. Finance Minister Edith Sitzmann and Environment Minister Franz Untersteller had previously announced that they would no longer be available as ministers after the state elections on March 14th.

Kretschmann had only promised at the Green Party Conference on the weekend that he would campaign for even more citizen participation. He wants to expand the “” policy of being heard “”. No important law will be passed in the future without first hearing a citizens’ council with randomly selected citizens. Erler recently initiated the new Corona Citizens’ Forum. 40 to 50 randomly selected people are to discuss topics of their own choosing at monthly meetings with experts, politicians and interest groups. For example, long-term social consequences, the role of culture or border closings are possible.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) has sharply criticized protest actions by corona deniers. In a special session of the Düsseldorf state parliament on the tightened corona measures, he called out hecklers from the ranks of the AfD opposition on Tuesday: “” I know that they deny the whole virus. I know they are demonstrating with weird people outside. It is not possible for them to demonstrate in the middle of Düsseldorf while people are fighting for their lives a few meters away in the university clinic! It doesn’t work, it’s not bearable! “”

Over the past weekend, opponents of the Corona measures had repeatedly demonstrated in the state capital – with rallies by so-called lateral thinkers against the “” masked lie “” and most recently with a car parade.

The Augsburg Bishop Bertram Meier is not infected with the virus after a corona suspicion according to initial findings. A test on the 60-year-old shepherd was negative, the diocese announced on Monday.

Meier had quarantined at home last week after a Covid 19 case became known in his personal environment.