Dirk Ostermann talks about his cancer diagnoses

"The book is a comprehensive description of his life, both personally and professionally, and describes his work in films, theater, television, nightclubs, and the print media", it said in a message. "Allen also writes about relationships with family, friends and loved ones."


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Dirk Ostermann talks about his cancer diagnosis

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There have been allegations of abuse against Allen for decades. His adopted daughter Dylan Farrow accuses him of abusing her as a child. Allen has always denied the allegations. Many stars have publicly announced that they no longer want to work with everyone. The publication of the autobiography was "deeply upsetting"Farrow commented on a note.

As a consequence, lawyer terminates his collaboration with the publishing house

In protest against the publication of his father’s autobiography, the journalist Ronan Farrow has terminated his collaboration with his publisher. Farrow said he was very disappointed that Hachette accepted Allen’s manuscript behind his back while he was working on a book with the publishing house, Farrow said on Twitter.

He couldn’t go on anymore "in good conscience" work with Hachette. In Farrow’s book "Catch and kill" (for example: intercept and destroy) it is about powerful men who shirk their responsibility for sexual abuse, he continued.

The publication of the autobiography Ronan Farrow called one "Breach of trust" on the part of the publisher to whom he "lack of compassion for victims of sexual abuse" accused. The journalist’s reporting on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (67) made a significant contribution to the start of the MeToo movement in 2017.

Sources used: dpa news agency

He was a biathlon Olympic champion for the GDR and national trainer for German cross-country skiers. But the SPD candidate narrowly failed in the state election in Thuringia.

He fought, he caught up and did well in adverse conditions, but it was not enough: Biathlon Olympic champion Frank Ullrich just lost to an AfD applicant in the state elections as a direct candidate for the SPD. Ullrich was on the state list on a hopeless 15th place for the SPD, so would have had to win the constituency for the SPD in order to get into the state parliament. In the end, he was ahead of the CDU candidate Christina Liebetrau with 23.3 percent and improved the constituency result against the trend by six percentage points. During the election campaign he had received support from Kevin Kühnert, among others. 

After the count, however, he was just behind the half-age René Aust (32) from the AfD, who had only been a member of the party since 2017 and was formerly a member of the SPD. Aust got 220 votes more and thus to 24.2 percent. 

"Uller" got gold, silver and bronze

Ullrich, in the biathlon scene "Uller" called, won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck in 1976 and in Lake Placid in 1980 and won nine world championship titles between 1978 and 1983. At the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo, he was the standard bearer for the GDR. 


Olympic Games 1980: Frank Ullrich standing shooting on the 20-kilometer course. (Source: Imago)

Even after his active career, he remained loyal to Nordic skiing as a national coach in biathlon and cross-country skiing. His key experience for greater political commitment, he said, was the election of the Federal President in 2010. He was a member of the Federal Assembly for the SPD. His grandfather had already shaped him. "He taught me social and democratic values ​​that are still fully valid today." In his home country he is the deputy chairman of the parliamentary group in Suhl’s city council.   

Theses: The AfD has grown up – in a double sense Report from Erfurt: Tango with the arch enemyNewsblog to choose from: All current information

 René Aust, the winner in the South Thuringian constituency, comes from Lüdinghausen in North Rhine-Westphalia and has previously worked in the state parliament as a speaker for the parliamentary group for strategic communication. He had welcomed AfD boss Jörg Meuthen in the constituency during the election campaign and took place among other things "senseless spending on world climate rescue" demanded more money for schools.

Sources used: Own researchWith material from the news agency dpaSPD-Kreisverband Schmalkalden-MeiningenFrank Ullrich at sports-reference.comRenè Aust in the MDR questionnaire show more sources less sources

The murder in the Berlin district of Moabit leads to traces of the Russian secret service. Now the police are going public with a photo of the alleged assassin.

Murder in Moabit: The mug shots

Photo series with 5 pictures

In the case of the murdered Georgian exile Zelimkhan K., the Berlin police published a photo of the arrested alleged perpetrator. According to the investigations, the man approached the 40-year-old victim on a bicycle at 11.55 a.m. on August 23 and fired at K. several times with a gun.

The suspect then fled by bicycle and had already provided an e-scooter for further escape. The police also published pictures of the vehicles. He was arrested immediately after the crime. 

Photo show: The police mug shots

 Traces of the Russian secret service

The news magazine "mirror" recently collaborated with the Investigative Networks "Bellingcat" and "The Insider" reported on possible connections of the alleged assassin to the Russian secret service. Accordingly, he is under the name "Vadim Andreevich Sokolov" entered – such a name cannot be found in any Russian database. His passport number leads to a unit in the Russian Interior Ministry that has already issued documents for the GRU military intelligence service in the past.

The man killed had already survived at least one attack in Georgia after fighting against Russia in the Chechnya war. The public prosecutor’s office and homicide commission assume a political motive for the act. According to its own information, the federal prosecutor’s office has the investigations of the Berlin authorities in view. A takeover of the case would be conceivable if the suspicion should arise that the secret service of a foreign power could be behind the crime. 

Head shot: Traces lead to the Russian secret service

 The police are now asking for information on the identity of the suspect and his whereabouts between August 20 and 23, 2019. Information on the bicycle and the e-scooter are also requested. 

Sources used: Berlin Police: Press release from September 3, 2019

So far there have only been vague ideas of the former Roman suburban settlement in what is now Mainz Neustadt. But now archaeologists have discovered previously unknown remains. These allow new conclusions.

Archaeologists have discovered remains of Roman roads, water basins and other remains from antiquity on a large construction site in the Neustadt district of Mainz. The finds would give new insights into the nature of this former Roman suburban settlement, said the head of the Mainz branch of the Regional Archeology Directorate of the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage (GDKE) Rhineland-Palatinate, Marion Witteyer, in Mainz on Monday. So far, the idea of ​​the settlement has only been very vague due to the lack of archaeological documentation.

The finds indicated that the settlement was quite significant, explained Witteyer. Probably rich people would have lived here. One of the exposed roads was a country road, said Witteyer. Antique lanes can still be seen on the remains. Among other things, wells, stoves, quite elaborately crafted floors and probably underfloor heating were found.

A classic mixed neighborhood

Excavation director Marcello-Andreas Puhl said that there was probably a bathing facility here in a representative residential building. Overall, Witteyer explained that there were residential buildings, craft businesses and burial areas in the area near the Rhine during Roman times. It was a classic mixed district.

Years ago, remnants of the Mainz Jupiter Column, a monument that was around nine meters high and was erected during the reign of Emperor Nero, had already come to light in the vicinity of the construction site. According to information from Mainz Residential Building, over 150 apartments and ten commercial units are being built on the approximately 1,000 square meter area in northern Mainz Neustadt, which the archaeologists are currently scrutinizing and which will soon be built on. 

Find in Mainz church: Mysterious corpse discovered in an ancient sarcophagus During construction work: 2,000-year-old amphorae discovered in Mainz Over a thousand skeletons: Construction workers come across mass graves in Mainz

"When it comes to such large construction projects, archeology is panting"said Witteyer. Basically, there is a lot to do because of the building boom. Archeology can hardly keep up, is just working at the moment "on stockpile".

Sources used: dpa news agency

According to two surveys, red-red-green does not have a majority ten days before the state election despite a strong left – but comes to a total of 44 percent each. In a poll published on Thursday by pollsters from Infratest dimap for ARD, Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow’s left came up with 29 percent as the strongest party. It was one point better than September. In a survey by the research group Wahlen for the ZDF Politbarometer, the Left also ended up as the strongest party at 27 percent.

Behind her, the CDU and AfD were on par with infratest dimap at 24 percent. In the poll by the Wahlen research group, the CDU – which fell out of government five years ago but is the largest parliamentary group in the state parliament – achieved 26 percent.

The AfD, with its controversial top candidate and party leader Björn Höcke, landed at 20 percent in the poll by the research group Wahlen.

The two governing parties, the SPD and the Greens, were below the ten percent mark in both surveys. The SPD got 8 to 9 percent, the Greens 7 to 8 percent. The FDP, which has not been in the state parliament since 2014, fluctuated between 4 and 5 percent. In both surveys from October 14 to 16, around 1,000 eligible voters were interviewed.

In the survey by Infratest dimap, 58 percent of those questioned were satisfied with the work of Red-Red-Green in Thuringia, 39 percent were not. 40 percent wanted the left to continue to lead the government, 49 wanted another party to head the state government.

When asked who the respondents would rather be Prime Minister, 50 percent named incumbent Ramelow and 31 percent named the CDU top candidate Mike Mohring.

Thuringia’s CDU General Secretary Raymond Walk spoke of a signal that the "Catching up" for the CDU. "The figures show that the choice is still completely open", he said. It is important that the current government of the Left, SPD and Greens no longer has a majority, according to the survey.

AfD state spokesman Stefan Möller said of the 20 percent value that this was probably related to the fact that the AfD was accused of complicity in the discussion about the murder attack in Halle.

SPD top candidate Wolfgang Tiefensee said, "it shows that we have stabilized at a low level".

A constitutional protector from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania found himself in the Bundestag committee of inquiry into the terrorist attack on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz in considerable difficulty. According to the assessment of participants in his secret hearing of witnesses, the former head of department could not conclusively explain on Thursday evening why he did not inform the investigators or the Federal Office for the information from an employee about possible backers of the Christmas market bomber Anis Amri from the Berlin clan milieu in February 2017 Had passed on the protection of the Constitution. An employee of his department, who considered the tip of an informant to be credible at the time, reportedly finally – years later – turned to other superiors and also to the Attorney General for fear of further attacks from this group.

Not to forward this notice at that time, "was a failure that not only slowed the investigation of the worst Islamist attack in the Federal Republic, but was also extremely risky", said the Greens chairwoman in the investigation committee, Irene Mihalic, on Friday the German Press Agency. "After this interrogation, I have the impression that the decision not to pass such information on was illegal", commented the FDP domestic politician Benjamin Strasser.

Amri had hijacked a truck on December 19, 2016 and killed the driver.