During the broadcast, comments were received via Twitter, e.g.

The exact effect also depends on how often their content is shared by Facebook users. If this happens often, the effect will be less, emphasized Backstrom. With this, Facebook is pushing the site operators to post more content that users want to forward to their friends. The network with its more than 1.6 billion members worldwide is also used more and more by media companies as a platform for their content.

+++ Facebook: Turn off live video notifications +++

Facebook likes live video, and so do many of the network’s users. The problem: as soon as someone from your friends list or from fan pages you follow sends something, there is a notification. Depending on how strongly you are connected via Facebook, this can quickly become annoying. The number of notifications via live videos can be reduced and switched off completely. All you have to do is click on the small menu triangle at the top right of the screen, then on “Settings”, “Notifications” and select the “Edit” option next to “On Facebook”. Not only numerous notification options can be checked in the following window. The notifications for live videos that have started can also be deactivated here. Simply select “All off” from the selection on the right.

+++ Mark Zuckerberg uses duct tape to protect himself from hackers +++

As one of the richest people on earth, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (32) also has to protect his privacy. As the media now reported, he apparently makes it very easy – with the help of a piece of duct tape. At least that suggests a photo that Zuckerberg published on Facebook on Tuesday. In it, he congratulates Instagram on having 500 million monthly users. You can also see that the web camera and the audio output of his Macbook are apparently stuck with tape, as “Gizmodo” and “TheNextWeb” wrote. Both blogs assume that it is Zuckerberg’s own workplace.

+++ Taxi Germany presents “Taxi Messenger” for Facebook +++

The taxi industry wants to open up a new platform like Facebook Messenger in competition with the new app competition. The Taxi Germany cooperative presented a new ordering service on Wednesday together with the Europe-wide Taxi.eu service. The “Taxi Messenger” should be available in almost 100 cities throughout Germany. Around 2500 more cities and municipalities are stored.

With the Taxi Messenger ordering should be made easier, said Dieter Schlenker, CEO of Taxi Germany. If you start Facebook Messenger, you have to type in and select “Taxi Messenger” in the search for people or groups. Then the location must be sent as a message. The user then receives an answer with his located address and can confirm the order bindingly.

+++ 14-year-old has to be convicted of insulting teachers on Facebook +++

On Tuesday, the Düsseldorf District Court sentenced a 14-year-old to 20 hours of community service for insulting her teacher by posting on her Facebook page.https://123helpme.me/to-kill-a-mockingbird-essay/ The student admitted in the closed court hearing that she took a photo of the teacher in the classroom and then published the picture on Facebook with the comment “Disabled teacher ever”, as a court spokesman said.

The student said in the courtroom that she was very sorry for the act. According to the spokesman, the judge nevertheless made it clear to the 14-year-old that she had committed a crime – especially since the commented photo was not only visible to the student’s Facebook friends, but also to the friends of her friends. The NRW chairman of the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE), Udo Beckmann, welcomed the verdict. “We think it is right that such a serious case should be resolved in court, because these events are increasing,” said Beckmann in Düsseldorf.

Many teachers are under pressure from the school or the school inspectorate not to speak about such incidents in public because this “could cast a bad light on the school”. “We therefore have great respect for the colleague who has now gone to court,” emphasized Beckmann. “That takes courage.” At the same time, the VBE state chairman called for schools to agree clear internal regulations on how to deal with social media and the associated bullying. Such a school code should be adopted by the school conference.

+++ Hackers target Mark Zuckerberg’s accounts +++

Hackers have attacked Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s rarely used profiles on other online networks. At the photo service Pinterest they managed on Sunday to replace the profile description for a short time with the text “hacked by OurMine team”, as shown by screenshots on the tech blog “Engadget”, among others. On Twitter, there was suspicious activity on Zuckerberg’s account called “@finkd”, in which he had not written anything since January 2012. Facebook told the website “Venture Beat” on Monday night that, contrary to their claims, the hackers had not gained access to Zuckerberg’s account on the in-house photo platform Instagram. “The affected accounts have been backed up again.” The Twitter account was temporarily blocked and, like the Pinterest profile, is now online again in its original form. The hackers’ Twitter account was blocked for this. They claimed to have discovered Zuckerberg’s password in the data stolen from the career network LinkedIn. This cannot be confirmed, but it could explain why several profiles were affected – provided that Zuckerberg used the same password for several services. For years he has only published on Facebook.

+++ Facebook discontinues app “Notify” again +++

Facebook closed its news app “Notify” after less than seven months. With the application, which was only launched in the USA, users could adapt the selection of news to their interests and, for example, only display information from certain media or on selected topics and regions. Facebook told the blog “Techcrunch” on Friday that the in-house short message service Messenger, with its 900 million users, offers a larger platform for providers of media content. With “Notify”, however, you learned a lot about handling notifications of news.

The news channel CNN, newspapers such as the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” as well as magazines such as “Time”, “People” and “Vanity Fair” were among the more than 70 news sources for the “Notify” launch. Message notifications appeared on the smartphone’s lock screen and the detailed posts could then be viewed in the app. The offer was seen as part of the competition with Twitter for the attention of Internet users to current developments.

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A hype has hit the internet: celebrities and normal people shower with ice water and post a video of it on the internet – after all for a good cause. The “Ice Bucket Challenge” aims to raise awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Many participants in this well-meaning action, however, fail in an extremely unfortunate way.

See here what can go wrong:

In Thuringia, 95 children found new parents through adoption last year. There were 47 girls and 48 boys, as the State Statistical Office announced on Wednesday. In more than half of the cases (54.7 percent) the children were already related to the adoptive parents or were adopted by their step-parents. 46 girls and boys were three years old and younger when they were adopted. In 2019, too, the number of families who want to adopt a child was significantly higher than the number of children marked for adoption. For every 51 children registered, there were 135 adoption applicants. Compared to the previous year, the total number of adoptions in Thuringia fell by five in 2019.

Günther Jauch was finally allowed to devote himself to shallow conversation again. Instead of inviting to his Sunday political talk on ARD, the show master moderated the annual review “2014! People, pictures, emotions” on RTL. After three and a half hours it was clear: Germany is the soccer world champion. The rest doesn’t matter.

The Ukraine crisis? The advance of IS? The mysterious crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? Jauch and his editorial team found all of these topics to be too political – or perhaps too relevant for 2014 – to be worth mentioning. Even the 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall disappeared in the pictures of the year and in a few seconds went under the motto: “What else happened – and only mentioned for the sake of completeness”.

But of course, you have to understand: Germany is the soccer world champion. And RTL has the rights to broadcast the qualifying games of the German national team for the 2016 European Championship and the 2018 World Cup. Ergo: football is the trump card. No matter what else happened.

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Also the Ice Bucket Challenge – but without the ALS

Jauch spent three and a half hours leading through the show, covering a quarter of an hour, recovering during the six commercial breaks of eight minutes each, and otherwise speaking with the world champions for half the airtime. Sure, Manuel Neuer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Christoph Kramer and Joachim Löw together with the rest of the team did a great job and made many millions of people happy. But please, Mr. Jauch, other things have also happened in the world.

Like, oh yes, right, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Barbara Schöneberger and Jauch let themselves be put under water, almost as the highlight of the trivial entertainment. It is significant that Jauch did not even go into the background of the challenge – the fundraising for research and combating the nerve disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS for short.

Where were Stefan Hell and Lutz Seiler?

It is significant that not a word was said about the life’s work of the late Karlheinz Böhm, Robin Williams, Joachim “Blacky” Fuchsberger or Peter Scholl-Latour. It is telling that it was more important to talk to the Irish YouTube star Father Ray Kelly than to the German chemist Stefan Hell, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2014.

It is significant that a 16-year-old, highly gifted Italian woman who already speaks five languages, is a CSU member (!) And an Angela Merkel fan, was a more important guest in the studio than the author Lutz Seiler, who wrote his book “Kruso” Won the German Book Prize 2014 and could have said a lot on the subject of the GDR and, yes, the fall of the Berlin Wall. Instead, Jauch was able to present the young Maria Zanchetta with Merkel’s “Schlandkette”. A decisive contribution to the review of 2014 – after all, the chain had become famous in 2013.

Ebola: “It is a long, long time not over”

Thankfully, a review of the year always lives from the unknown heroes of everyday life. How Bianca Göhl, who survived a 60-meter-deep fall in her car from a cliff unharmed and ran home from the scene of the accident, went to sleep and could only be available to the police for a few minutes the next day: “Because I don’t just close our business can make.”

Or like Dr. Sara Hommel, who went to Sierra Leone as a pediatrician and, despite the risk of contracting Ebola, fought for and for the country’s children for months. “It’s not over for a long, long time,” she warned. On Saturday, she said, one of her local colleagues died of Ebola. Her story opened the eyes of at least some of the viewers: “There are many more people dying there from completely normal diseases because there are currently no normal treatment options for Ebola.” In Sierra Leone, every fourth child does not reach the age of five. No matter how much Germany can be world champion, Mr. Jauch! Ebola was and is an issue. It’s good that Dr. Hommel was a guest and talked about it.

Conchita Wurst, Fack ju Göthe and a boat accident

Just like Tom Neuwirth alias Conchita Wurst, who not only won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, but in the course of her success had made the problem of homophobia in Europe and the world the focus of many discussions. She told of her meetings with other artists, of her conversation with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and explained why she didn’t mind the abusive comments of Russian politicians (“The End of Europe”): “If I am relevant to well-known politicians, feel I almost honored myself. ”

It was also good that the formative faces of 2014 were guests at Jauch, such as Maria Höfl-Riesch, who had become the most successful German skier of all time at the 2014 Olympics, or Elyas M’Barek, who started with “Fack ju Göhte” had landed a much acclaimed hit film. The story of Lisa Steinmetz, Hannah Scholz and Caroline Schoen also touched people. After a boat accident in the Indian Ocean, the three Germans had to wait 40 hours in the water until they were rescued.

Germany became world champions again on Sunday

During the broadcast, comments were received via Twitter, e.g. read: “If Jogi Löw had known about the three women, he would have saved them.” The audience also made fun of the fact that Germany outshone everything as world champions.