The approach for exchange programs like Erasmus grows to 21.2 billion euros

Trump spreads fake news about postal votes

At the end of the election campaign, Trump again claimed that the sharp increase in postal votes could lead to election fraud. Trump did not provide any solid evidence for this. He describes a decision by the Supreme Court on postal voting deadlines in Pennsylvania as "very dangerous".

The decision to allow postal ballot papers to be counted upon receipt three days after the election will be made "rampant and uncontrolled fraud" lead, wrote Trump on Twitter. "It will lead to violence in the streets. Something has to be done"he wrote on. Twitter immediately hid the message behind a warning and restricted the possibility of spreading the tweet. 

US election: Trump taunts Germany

 During an appearance in Wisconsin, Trump repeated his warning. Part of the population will "very, very angry" be, he said, looking at Pennsylvania. Trump has repeatedly called for the winner to be clearly announced on election night. His demand – for which there is no legal basis – fueled fears that Trump might declare himself the winner prematurely.

USA: Barrack Obama also supports Joe Biden. (Source: UPI Photo / imago images)

Because of the pandemic, many more people in the United States voted by postal vote. The counting of those votes is more complicated than that of the regular votes from the polling stations. Those responsible in Pennsylvania, for example, have therefore warned that the count could drag on until Friday. Trump has signaled that he could defend himself against delay in court. Surveys suggested that the votes cast in the polling stations would tend to be in favor of Trump and postal votes in favor of Biden.

Biden relies on pop stars

Biden’s campaign continued to attract pop stars at the end of the election campaign: Biden’s runner-up Kamala Harris performed in Pennsylvania with singer John Legend, Biden with singer Lady Gaga. World star Beyoncé promoted the Democrats on Instagram. In a post to its 155 million followers, the R&B-singer, among other things, with a face mask with the inscription "Biden – Harris".

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The US president is not directly elected. The election winner in a state wins the votes of the electorate there. These then elect the president in December. To win the election, a candidate needs at least 270 votes. In hotly contested Pennsylvania, for example, there are 20 voters. The results from Florida are also eagerly awaited, where 29 votes are at stake and polls suggest a very close result. In total, there are about a dozen states where the election should ultimately be decided.

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Border protection, defense, farmers and poor regions: the heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries are negotiating a budget that everyone has something to complain about. An overview.

The EU summit on the European financial plan is to continue on Friday from 10 a.m. in a large group with all 27 heads of state and government. Overnight, EU Council President Charles Michel will hold further one-on-one talks in order to overcome the deep rifts in the negotiations on the multiannual financial framework for the years 2021 to 2027, his spokesman announced on Friday night on Twitter. Michel had already spoken to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday evening. She then left the conference venue like other heads of state and government.

It’s about the future of 450 million Europeans: At the EU special summit in Brussels, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her European counterparts began a long haggling over enormous sums. Because the wishes of the 27 countries are far apart, none of the participants expected a quick agreement – some set up negotiations that lasted days and nights. Because the stumbling blocks are numerous:

VOLUME: Council President Charles Michel proposed a budget of 1.0948 trillion euros for the seven years of the new financial period. For this, the EU states would have to pay 1.074 percent of economic output into the EU coffers. That was too much for Denmark, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands. Other countries and the European Parliament called for a larger budget, up to 1.3 percent.

BREXIT AND DISCOUNTS: After the British leave the EU, an estimated 60 to 75 billion euros are missing from the till. Because, according to the old calculation method, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands would have to fill this hole, they demand "a fair burden sharing" – so discounts. On the other hand, the so-called net payer countries benefit particularly strongly from European achievements such as the euro and the common market.argumentative essay introduction examples

AGRICULTURAL: At 382.5 billion euros (excluding Great Britain), the common agricultural policy was the largest single item in the current financial period. Michel’s proposal calls for a cut to 329.3 billion euros. This was particularly criticized by politicians from France, where farmers get a lot of money from the EU.

COHESION: The so-called Cohesion Fund is intended to help poorer regions and thus strengthen the cohesion of the EU. It is cut in Michel’s plan from 367.7 to 323.2 billion euros. The approach for exchange programs like Erasmus grows to 21.2 billion euros.

CLIMATE, RESEARCH, DIGITAL: Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wants to dedicate a quarter of all EU spending to climate protection. That is only possible if agriculture and other projects with EU money serve this goal at the same time. The planned growth in budget estimates for research and digitization is not enough for Germany and other countries.

MIGRATION and BORDER PROTECTION: For dealing with refugees and monitoring external borders, Michel’s plan provides for a doubling of expenditure to 21.9 billion euros. The border protection agency Frontex alone is to receive 5.1 billion euros.

DEFENSE: EU spending on security and defense is expected to increase by a full 600 percent – from a previously low level: Instead of around 2 billion euros, the Council President has set 14.3 billion euros for this in the new financial period. The EU states are hoping for national savings from a joint military fund, for example in the procurement of new weapon systems. 

Brussels: The heads of state and government of the European Union meet for a round table discussion at an EU summit of the heads of state and government. (Source: Riccardo Pareggiani / AP / dpa)

OWN RESOURCES: Above all, the European Parliament is pushing for the EU’s own income. The Council President therefore proposed in his concept the introduction of a tax on non-recycled plastic packaging. Surpluses from emissions trading could also flow into the EU coffers, which some EU states reject.

RULE OF LAW: Money from the EU should only be given to those who adhere to the rules and values ​​of the community. This is particularly important to parliament and some western member states. It is controversial how and with what majorities it is decided whether a country violates the principles of the rule of law and democracy.

WHO WANTS WHAT? Important net contributing countries want to keep costs under control. States that get a lot of money from the Cohesion Fund want a well-filled coffers. France defends its farmers and wants (even) higher military spending, Germany focuses on research and future issues. Poland and Hungary defend themselves against criticism of questionable decisions on the rule of law. The EU Parliament has a say in the budget and calls for more ambition overall when it comes to European goals.

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WHO GETS WHAT? Typically EU is a compromise in which everyone can show a small victory, but nobody gets all their wishes fulfilled. But there is still a long way to go: an agreement among the EU states must then be agreed with the extremely critical parliament.

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After an attack on the President of the Jewish Community, a 31-year-old Syrian confesses to the crime. He rejected Austrian society, he revealed to the police. 

According to Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, a 31-year-old Syrian confessed to the attack on the president of the Jewish community in Graz. It was having an attack "Islamist motif" acted, said Nehammer on Monday in Vienna. The suspect is a "radical Islamist anti-Semite"who has lived in Austria as a refugee since 2013. The man rejects Austrian society. "We are dealing with a systemic problem here, not just a single act"said Nehammer.

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Thanks to the rapid intervention of the police, the LVT and the BVT, the alleged attacker was arrested in Graz today. 1/3

– Karl Nehammer (@karlnehammer) August 23, 2020" , ‘Twitter’); }) ();

The President of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde, Oskar Deutsch, warned not only against Muslim anti-Semitism, but also against anti-Semitism from the left and right. In response to the attack, according to Nehammer, the protection of synagogues in the country was strengthened.

Man is said to have committed seven crimes

The chairman of the Jewish community, Elie Rosen, was attacked by a man on Saturday. Since he was in a car, he was not injured. The attacker fled. Shortly afterwards, the 31-year-old was found on the street by the police. The suspected murder weapon, a chair leg, was secured. The man is made responsible for seven crimes in Graz, as it was said. It is about property damage caused by stone throwing and smear actions, including against the synagogue in Graz.

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German said that Jewish life in Austria is only possible through close cooperation with the security authorities. Without these protective measures, visiting Jewish institutions would not be possible. Further education of the population in order to prevent anti-Semitism is necessary, so Deutsch. "We won’t be intimidated. Never again".

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Many Germans are currently planning their summer vacation at home. But what about the tourism season in Europe? The EU Commission wants to present its recommendations on opening borders today.

EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni has shown himself confident that the European holiday season can take place in the summer despite the ongoing corona pandemic. "We will definitely have a tourist season in summer, albeit with safety measures and restrictions"said the Italian the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

The EU Commission wants to publish recommendations this Wednesday for the gradual lifting of border controls. According to a draft resolution, the restrictions should initially be abolished in areas in which there is a comparably favorable development in the number of corona cases on both sides of the border. According to the information, there must not be any discrimination based on the nationality of the travelers.

The commission also wants to adopt a series of specifications and recommendations for protection against traffic in tourism and travel. This includes safety distances in hotels, restaurants and means of transport such as trains and airplanes.

MEPs are calling for the borders to be reopened quickly

In the run-up to the deliberations of the Commission, a group of conservative MEPs appealed to its President Ursula von der Leyen to work for the rapid reopening of the borders within the EU. The controls at all borders between member states should be stopped after next Friday, demanded the 18 members of the EPP group in the European Parliament in a letter to von der Leyen, which was presented to the news agency AFP.

The parliamentarians also demanded that the EU member states lift their quarantine regulations for incoming EU citizens. In the early stages of the pandemic, border controls are due to the widely varying spread of the virus in the states "appropriate and justified" been, it says in the letter. In the meantime, however, the infection rate is at a similar level across the EU.

Seehofer has extended border controls until Friday

"What is substantially the same must not be treated substantially differently", emphasize the MEPs. Therefore, the relaxation of the corona restrictions within the member states would have to be included "a comparable external flexibility at the borders" accompanied.

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In Germany, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) ordered the extension of border controls to Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark last week. His order is limited until next Friday. In the past few days, demands on Seehofer to loosen or lift border controls after Friday have increased.

Sources used: news agency afp

The legal dispute over the fatal shots on the Afro-American Breonna Taylor is settled with a large sum of money. In addition, the city of Louisville in Kentucky promises reforms to the police department.

Six months after the police killing of Afro-American Breonna Taylor in a police operation, the city of Louisville has settled a civil lawsuit with a high severance payment and a promise of police reform. Taylor’s family will receive 12 million US dollars, the equivalent of around 10 million euros, Mayor Greg Fischer told journalists on Tuesday.

The criminal proceedings with the decision on a possible charge against the police officers responsible for Taylor’s death are still pending, said Fischer. "The truth has to come out"he demanded.