She wrote on Twitter that the US states had made sure that the elections were free and fair.

So if you only say that, you have approved Trump without expressly supporting the accusation of electoral fraud. The fact that McConnell does not openly move away from the president has nothing to do with loyalty or loyalty. He knows very well that Trump lost the election. But he also knows that Trump still has great power. Not because he is still up to 20.

January will stay in office, but because he still has so many enthusiastic supporters. Getting Trump’s public blessing may be vital for Republicans going forward. McConnell himself can actually be sure of his re-election in his home state of Kentucky, but even there Trump is more popular than him. The same goes for the other Republican senators: They must all fear Trump’s anger if they turn against him too soon.

This behavior is no surprise, because that’s exactly how it has been for the past four years. It was said again and again that behind closed doors many Republicans thought Trump was an incompetent idiot. But outwardly, they only shed out in exceptional cases. Now, with Trump’s last convulsions in office, only a few want to fully support Trump’s side. You would, as it were, bet on a dead horse.

Still, they fear Trump’s revenge. Especially since it cannot be ruled out that Trump will run again in 2024. Where is this going now? Maybe McConnell is just waiting and trusting that Trump will see it at some point – at the latest when his lawsuits have failed. He can look forward to the next four years calmly. At the moment it looks like the Republicans can barely defend the majority in the Senate.

That would leave McConnell a great power in Washington. He could become the one who decides the success and failure of Biden’s presidency. Because without him it will be difficult to organize majorities in the Senate.

Some expect that he will even have a say in who gets a position in Biden’s cabinet. In Washington, Democrats fear that he could fully rely on blockade again. The Republican strategist Doug Heye said in the “” Financial Times “”, for example, that Biden would at most get through another corona aid package and an infrastructure program.

Other possible projects such as tax and health reforms as well as measures against climate change are off the table. It is not clear whether this will actually happen. Because McConnell doesn’t always have it easy either. The senators by no means obey his word, but always want to be convinced anew.

There are definitely candidates like Mitt Romney or Susan Collins who are considered willing to compromise and might not support a blockade. And Biden is not Obama, after all, the future president worked with McConnell in the Senate for decades. McConnell even announced in person in late 2016 that a cancer research bill would be named after Biden’s son Beau, who had died of a brain tumor. It was a parting gift for Biden, whose tenure as Vice President and Senate Chairman ended. That “” Darth Vader “” McConnell now simply says: “” May the force be with you, Joe “” is still not to be expected. More like a constant fight on the Capitol, but without lightsabers or magic potions. Source: “How long will US President Donald Trump resist the defeat? (Photo: imago images / UPI Photo) There aren’t many – but the critical voices among the Republicans of US President Trump are increasing.

Because the incumbent still sees no reason to admit defeat. The Republican governor of Maryland commented this with particularly clear words: Even almost three weeks after the US presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump was adamant and still did not acknowledge his defeat. Until recently, he tweeted about election fraud in various US states without presenting any evidence. Trump’s efforts to change something in the election result through legal channels have so far come to nothing.

According to the news channel CNN, Trump and other Republicans have now lost around 30 trials. But Trump remains stubborn – and continues to boycott the handover to his designated successor, the Democrat Joe Biden. The political opponent is severely critical. But criticism of the Trump team’s actions is also increasing from within the Republicans’ own camp – and it is becoming ever clearer. The Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, accused the CNN president of calling the United States like a “” banana republic ” “look like. “It’s time to stop the nonsense,” “said Hogan.

In a Twitter post he called on Trump to “” stop golfing and admit defeat “”. Michigan Republican MP Fred Upton commented on Trump’s situation by saying, “” It’s over “”. And New Jersey’s ex-Governor Chris Christie, who advised Trump’s handover team in 2016, called the current legal advisors of Trump’s campaign team on ABC a “national embarrassment.” “Alaskan Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who is considered moderate, recently called for the handover initiate.

She wrote on Twitter that the US states had made sure that the elections were free and fair. President Trump has so far not had any success with his legal objections in court. So it is now time to begin the transition process. However, the critical voices in the Republican Party are still a minority. “I am embarrassed that in our party no more members express their opinion,” said Hogan, who had criticized his party colleague Trump more often in the past. The Republican John Kasich has a theory about the reluctance of his party colleagues towards Trump: “” They are either in complete step with him or they are afraid, “” he told the radio station NPR.

So far, only a handful of Republican senators, members of the House of Representatives and governors have directly or indirectly recognized Biden’s victory. Meanwhile, the process of confirming the election results continues: In the key state of Pennsylvania, according to CNN, the certification of the election results will take place in most counties on Monday. In Michigan, too, the vote checkers want to meet for official recognition of the result.

In the past, certification of election results had always been a routine matter. It is a requirement for the electoral college to formally elect the president on December 14, but Trump’s team in Michigan has filed a request to halt certification. Biden won the election there by 155,000 votes. In a letter to the election control in Michigan, the chairman of the Republicans, Ronna McDaniel, and the head of the party association in Michigan, Laura Cox, called for a two-week adjournment of the equal-representation body, which finally examines the election results before certification.

This should allow a “” full investigation of the anomalies and irregularities “” in the election, explained McDaniel and Cox. The state election officer, Jocelyn Benson, stressed on Twitter that there was “” no evidence “” to justify the questioning of the election results. “In short, 5.5 million Michigan citizens voted. The result of their choice is clear. No evidence has emerged to undermine this, “” wrote Benson. Source:, kst “With Trump, Beijing had a tough opponent in the White House.

Things could get easier under Biden. (Photo: AP) Beijing hesitates for a long time, now the State Department is sending congratulations to the elected US President Biden and his deputy Harris. Relations between the United States and China are bad under Trump. But even Biden does not want to let China get away with everything. Ten days after the US presidential election, US President Joe Biden has also received congratulations from China: “” We respect the decision of the American people, “said Foreign Office spokesman Wang Wenbin.

China congratulates Biden and his future Vice President Kamala Harris. China initially waived recognition of Biden’s election victory. The Democrat’s victory in the November 3rd election was clear since he won the important state of Pennsylvania last Saturday, securing more than the 270 electorate required to win the election. On Thursday evening (local time), several US TV stations also declared Biden the election winner in Arizona. The 77-year-old now has 290 electoral votes, incumbent Donald Trump has 217 according to the current status.

The official election of the US President by the College of Electors will take place on December 14th. Trump has not yet admitted his defeat and claims that the vote was massively cheated. High-ranking representatives of the US electoral authorities emphasized on Thursday that there was no evidence of this.

During Trump’s tenure, relations between Washington and Beijing had deteriorated significantly. Both sides are in a trade conflict and there is diplomatic tension over the actions of the Chinese authorities in Hong Kong and the persecution of the Muslim Uyghur minority in Xinjiang province. Biden has also announced a determined approach to China. At the beginning of the week, Foreign Office spokesman Wang said his government hoped that the new US government would meet China halfway. Source:, jog / AFP “Democrat Joe Biden is already confident of victory, but his entry into the White House is not yet in place fixed – still. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Several states need even longer for their counting.

Still, everything could happen very quickly, in favor of Joe Biden. Attention is turned to the state of Pennsylvania. In the head-to-head race for the US presidency, a decision may be made within hours. As of Thursday evening (German time), six states have not yet been counted as candidates, but in Pennsylvania, which may be all-important, Interior Minister Kathy Boockvar announced that the count will be carried out by night.

Boockvar said on CNN that it was “” definitely “” possible. The “overwhelming majority” of the votes could be counted by the evening. Republican incumbent Donald Trump must win Pennsylvania to defend the presidency. Other roads lead to victory for Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Trump currently counts 213 electorates from the states, Biden 253.

270 are needed to win. This is how it is currently in the states: Alaska, 3 voters: In the northwestern state, the count is ongoing, according to CNN estimates, only 47 percent of the votes are counted. That is why the three electorates are not yet included in Trump, even if a clear victory beckons here.

The incumbent is currently in the lead with more than 60 percent of the vote. North Carolina, 15 electors: The east coast is still close, the Democrats had long hoped for a victory here. Only about 80,000 votes or 1.4 percent separate Biden from Trump. With 95 percent of the votes already counted, however, it is no longer expected that the challenger will overtake the Republican. Nevada, 6 electorate: In the state in the western United States, Biden is just ahead of Trump. With a stand of 49.4 percent to 48.5 percent, Biden has around 12,000 votes ahead. CNN estimates about 89 percent of the votes are counted.

It is expected that the Democrat will barely be able to defend the state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. With the last numbers reported here, he was able to expand his lead slightly. The race is still open.

Trump’s team is also calculating their chances of winning and has also filed a lawsuit for alleged electoral fraud. Further results from Nevada are expected later in the day on Friday at the earliest. It is possible that Trump will then overtake Biden. Arizona, eleven voters: The Associated Press and US broadcaster Fox News attributed the southwestern state to Biden early on. The race is now surprisingly open again.

With around 86 percent counted votes, Biden leads with 50.5 percent to 48.1 percent ahead of Trump. Biden’s meanwhile large lead has now shrunk to almost 70,000 votes, but remained stable with the latest reports of new numbers. Nevertheless, this race is close and a victory for Trump remains possible. The vast majority of votes that are still counted here – as in other countries – are postal votes.

Trends from other states show that they primarily help the Democrats because their supporters increasingly used this form of voting. Arizona could deviate from this pattern, reports the “” New York Times “”. The next votes are to be announced around 4 a.m. German time. Wins in Arizona and Nevada would bring Biden together to exactly 270 electoral votes. Georgia, 16 electorate: In the southern state, 98 percent of the votes have already been counted, but with each new charge of votes, Biden’s gap to Trump shrank. The Republican currently leads with 49.5 to 49.2 percent.

The absolute difference in votes is almost 13,000. Since almost all of the votes still open here are absentee votes (tending to be clearly in favor of Biden) and the tens of thousands of missing votes mostly come from democratically dominated metropolitan areas, Biden’s camp has a good chance of catching up. If Biden wins in Georgia and brings in Arizona or Nevada, that would be enough for the required 270 electoral votes – even if Trump wins all other states. Pennsylvania, 20 voters: Trump has to win Pennsylvania, without this state he can no longer have 270 voters.

The incumbent currently leads here with almost 100,000 votes. According to Boockvar, around 550,000 votes had to be counted here on Thursday evening (German time). The vast majority of these are also postal votes from the metropolises of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. After counting the votes cast in pubs on election day, Trump led here with more than 600,000 votes, with each subsequent count Biden caught up: In every tranche from these populous constituencies, Biden is ahead with up to 80 percent.

A result is expected in the evening (local time).